The Greenery Mpls
Plant Shop & Mercantile

Native Woman Owned.

The Greenery Minneapolis Plant Shop & Mercantile features a variety of houseplants & plant care accompaniments. In addition, the mercantile provides a platform for rotating artisans to showcase their goods. Locally sourced makers and handmade products are available, such as art, bath & body, plant accessories, and craftware made by people in our own communities. Find your unexpected here!

“study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” 
― Frank Lloyd Wright


Where to Shop

Find us at:

The Greenery Mpls Plant Shop & Mercantile

3931 E. Lake St 

Minneapolis, MN  55406



Closed M-W

Thurs 12-4

Fri 12-4

Sat 10-4

Sun 12-4